Helsinki · Finland

20–24 August 2018


WAOA 2018: Keynote speaker

16th Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms

Gerhard Woeginger

Gerhard Woeginger · RWTH Aachen

Some Easy and Some Not So Easy Geometric Optimization Problems

The talk surveys several complexity and approximability results for geometric optimization problems that are built around norms with polyhedral unit balls.

Gerhard Woeginger is a professor at RWTH Aachen where he chairs the algorithms and complexity group. His research interests lie in the intersection area of Foundations of Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics and Operations Research. Concrete topics are approximation, scheduling, competitive analysis of online algorithms, parameterized complexity, graph theory; recently also algorithmic game theory and computational social choice.

Woeginger served as program chair of ESA 1997, ICALP 2003, the European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2009), and of several other conferences. He received a Humboldt Research Award in 2011, and he was elected to the Academia Europaea in 2014.