Helsinki · Finland

20–24 August 2018


ESA 2018: Track B experiment

26th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms

For Track B, ESA 2018 will conduct an experiment with two independent PCs, both of which will follow the usual procedure for reviewing the submissions. After the PCs have done their work, the results will be compared both quantitatively (e.g., overlap in sets of accepted papers) and qualitatively (e.g., typical reasons for differences in the decisions of the two PCs). The results of this comparison will be published. Depending on the outcome, the set of accepted papers for Track B will either be the union of the set of accepted papers from the two independent PCs, or there will be a final round (outside of the experiment) discussing the submissions, where the two PCs reached different conclusions.

Slides of the report on the ESA 2018 Track B Experiment.