Helsinki · Finland

20–24 August 2018


ALGO 2018: Registration

Registration deadline

Early registration deadline was 30 July 2018, but late registration is still be possible until 24 August 2018, i.e.., until the last day of the conference.

What is included in ALGO registration

All ALGO participants are welcome to take part in all social events!

If you pay a registration fee for x days, this is always included in the package:

So even if you register only for e.g. Wednesday–Friday, you are welcome to join us for the conference dinner on Tuesday!

ESA and EATCS membership

ESA 2018 is organized in cooperation with EATCS, the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science. If you plan to take part in ESA, you will need to be a member of the EATCS. If you are not yet a member, please see this page for instructions on how to join. The regular EATCS membership fee for one year is 30 €, and young researchers will get a 2-year membership for 30 €.

If you are already a member, please check their member pages to see that you have paid the EATCS member fees for this year. You will also need to know your EATCS member ID to complete your ALGO registration; you can also find this number on the member pages.

If you recently purchased an EATCS membership as part of another conference registration, and you have not yet received your new EATCS member ID, you can leave the EATCS member field empty and explain it in the “Note” field in the registration form. We will contact you by email if we need additional information.

If you do not plan to take part in ESA, but you are coming to ALGO only for the other conferences (ALGOCLOUD, ALGOSENSORS, ATMOS, IPEC, WABI, and/or WAOA), you do not need to be an EATCS member.

Registration fees

The following registration fees are valid until 30 July 2018:

5 days396 €288 €
4 days396 €288 €
3 days330 €240 €
2 days264 €192 €
1 day 198 €144 €

Late registration is possible after 30 July 2018, but late registration fees will be 50% higher.

Accompanying persons

There is a limited number of seats available for accompanying persons at the conference excursion and banquet on Tuesday. During ALGO registration, you can register at most one accompanying person for 108 € (late registration: 144 €). Accompanying persons can only take part in the social program on Tuesday.

Registration form

(Registration form is now closed.)

If you register for 1–4 days, you will need to select the “base fee” (132/96 €), plus a “daily fee” (66/48 €) for each day on which you are planning to attend. The total sum should be as shown in the table above. For a full week registration, you will only need to select the “full week fee” (396/288 €), which includes everything.

Please note that if you register for 1–4 days, you will need to specify which days of the scientific program you will take part in. This information is binding. For example, if you pay for a 3-day registration and select the days of Wednesday–Friday, you cannot take part in the scientific program, lunch, and coffee breaks on Monday or Tuesday (but you are welcome to take part in the excursion, banquet, and reception).

We will also ask you to indicate which conferences you are planning to take part in. This is not binding; you are free to change your mind later and have a look at what is happening in the other lecture halls (the only exception being ESA, which is open to EATCS members only).

We recommend a credit card payment; then there should not be any additional fees. It is also possible to select “invoice in attachment” at no extra cost; in that case you will automatically receive a PDF invoice that you can pay by bank transfer. Please note that if you select “invoice”, Tavicon Congress Bureau will take care of preparing the invoice for you and they will charge a 15 € invoice fee.

Late registrations after 30 July 2018

We strongly recommend that all ALGO participants register early, by 30 July 2018.

Late registrations will be possible after 30 July 2018. However, late registration fees will be 50% higher than early registration fees.

We will do our best to accommodate late registrations for lunch, coffee, dinner, and social events, provided that you register at least a week before the conference. However, if you register very late, we hope you understand that the restaurants may not be able to take into account your dietary restrictions.

You can register online until 24 August 2018, i.e.., until the last day of the conference. There is no on-site registration; you can only do registration online.

Help with the registration process

After a successful registration, you will receive an email from that says “This is an automatic reply confirming that your registration for ALGO 2018 conference has succeeded.” You will receive a printed receipt for the payment at the conference site.

If you need any help with the registration form or payments, please contact Tavicon Congress Bureau by email at

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the local organizers by email at