Helsinki · Finland

20–24 August 2018


WABI 2018: Posters

18th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics

WABI 2018 poster session will be held on Monday, at 5:00pm, in front of hall B.

List of posters

Pan-Gyu Kim, GunHwan Ko, Gukhee Han, Wangho Song and Byungwook Lee. Bio-Express: Cloud Service for high throughput analysis of biological big data from Korean Bioinformation Center
Sergey Koren, Arang Rhie, Brian P. Walenz, Alexander T. Dilthey, Derek M. Bickhart, Sarah B. Kingan, Stefan Hiendleder, John L. Williams, Timothy P. L. Smith and Adam M. Phillippy. TrioBinning: Trio-based assembly
N. Nafati, O. Ait-Ahmed and S. Hamamah. Performance and Prediction Algorithmic Methodology Applied To Assisted Procreation Technology
Sridhar Hariharaputran. Algorithm to assess the evolutionary history of distantly related protein domains
Xu Qiao, Tomi Suomi, Mikko Venäläinen and Laura L. Elo. PowerExplorer: An R package for simulation-based power analysis
Shalini Bhattacharjee and Asish Mukhopadhyay. A visualization tool to evaluate pairwise protein structure alignment algorithms
Reda Younsi, Jing Tang and Liisa Holm. π-cyc: A Reference-free SNP Discovery Application using Parallel Graph Search
Pasi Rastas. Lep-MAP3: Robust Linkage Mapping even for Low Coverage Data
Tim White. Comprehensive Extraction of Structural Variations from Long-read DNA Sequences

Poster abstracts

WABI 2018 poster abstracts (PDF)